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i worked hard for nearly 2 years to finish the first but not last part of my work. the very first album of '1XEACH' is complete now and ready to be listened.

it is called 'batteries not included EP', runs about 30 minutes and contains 7 songs, all rearranged in the '1XEACH' style, showing what was, what is, and what will be.


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a composition of each step, from the beginning to what '1XEACH' is now, can be found here.

and a second album is already in work, its name will be 'eyes wide shut' and it will contain about 15 tracks. some rearrangements of already released songs from 'batteries not included EP' will be mixed up with all new compositions and sounds.

currently, at the end of 2002, there has been just little progress because of the well known lack of time.

but don't worry, the second album 'eyes wide shut' is in work and will be completed in the near future, i hope...


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